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Studland History - 1982 - 88

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1982 - Appearance of signs

In 1982, when The National Trust was bequeathed the land, signs were erected at main entrances informing visitors that nudists use the area. From the day these signs appeared nudism at Studland became an 'issue' and the publicity ever since has not served the beach well.

1988 - National Trust introduce 'demarcation' line

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In 1998 the signs at the entrances were removed and a new 'demarcation line' was introduced. "Naturists please dress beyond this point" signs were erected south of the Point and north of Knoll Beach car park.

To reinforce this demarcation further signs were erected 'warning' visitors they only had 900 yards to go to see the nudists! These 900m warning signs didn't reflect true nudist use of the beach and caused countless arguments and confrontations between nudists, non-nudists and authorities.


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