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SUN Campaign History - May 1995

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Nudists discover red posts for first time

In May 1995 nudists were horrified to discover that, in progressing their anti-nudist policy, The National Trust had erected two new lines of posts in the dunes.

The red posts

Red posts marked out an unwanted new 'boundary' intended to restrict nudists to a 'zone' just on one-tenth the size of the traditional nudist area.

The new nudist 'zone' only included the front ridge of dunes, denying enjoyment of the beautiful land beyond.

Due to the density of the vegetation or the slope of the dunes as much as half the new zone was unusable. On busy days a decent space is hard to find.

The yellow posts

Yellow posts marked a brand new and totally unnecessary dune path carved through this Site of Special Scientific Interest by the National Trust and nauseatingly christened Heather Walk.

Supposedly for the benefit of visitors who wished to avoid the nudist area this new walk served only to trigger complaints.

Fears the Trust would like to remove nudists entirely

Nudists at two other long established beaches were being threatened with similar restrictions. Signs were erected at Morfa Dyffryn in North Wales, and at Holkham Bay in Norfolk efforts were underway to ban nudists from the dunes leaving them only the open beach... little comfort on a windswept north Anglia beach!

Many Studland nudists believed the posts were the first steps in a National Trust strategy to stop nude sunbathing at Studland altogether.


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