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SUN Campaign History - 14th Aug 1995

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CONTRAS first formal meeting with the National Trust (continued)

National Trust present flawed 'consultation process' and CCBN 'approval' as justification for introducing red posts

It was asserted by the National Trust that they had had a "full consultative process" with all interested parties, including a public meeting and discussions with CCBN (Central Council for British Naturism [now BN]), before instituting their repressive measures.

However, when put under pressure NT Countryside Manager Geoff Hann that admitted they had written to "only about a dozen" interested (favoured?) parties and of those only four had attended a 'public' meeting - which had not, despite their assertions, been "widely advertised" in the local Press.

SUN not invited to 'consultation'

They were unwilling to explain why SUNs' secretary Colin James was not included in that mailing despite having written to them several times concerning the general management of the area.

Later it emerged that their "consultations" with CCBN involved only two members of that group, and they had not seen the restrictions on the ground, only on a National Trust map, before agreeing them.

From the outset, it has been made forcibly clear to the National Trust that CCBN has no authority whatsoever to enter into agreements affecting Studland nudists, the vast majority of whom are not members of CCBN.


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