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SUN Campaign History - Aug 1995

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National Trust letter tries to re-write history of nudism Studland

At the same time as the National Trust were claiming to be "considering" the objections raised by nudists they were sending letters making wild assertions and distorted statements relating to beach usage and their reasons for their aggressive measures.

The letter, written only eleven days after the formal meeting by the 'new' National Trust Property Manager Julian Homer, sought to justify the new restrictions by propagating a lie, contrary to what he had been told on August 14th (and he was taking copious notes at the meeting, so he could hardly have missed this point) that nudism had been practiced on the beach for many years and "there was concern nudism was spreading into the dunes".

The fact is that nudism had, for more than 75 years, always been well established in the dunes at Studland, it was the long hot summer of 1976 when nudists first ventured out of the dunes and onto the beach.

Mr. Homer demonstrated the National Trust's contempt for nudists

By this letter - written while he was allegedly 'considering' our views and proposals - and by his subsequent total rejection of every compromise we suggested, Mr. Homer demonstrated what we at SUN considered contempt for nudists.

As a new employee we wondered how Mr Homer came by his inaccurate account of the history of nudism at Studland and can only assume it was from negative views about nudists expressed to him by management at Studland.




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