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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1996

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National Trust Employees intimidate and harass nudists

It also appears that their employees are again resorting to intimidatory and harassing tactics in their efforts to quarantine naturists within the area designated by the red posts.

Interestingly also, it has been noted that the casual labourers in fancy shorts and silly hats seem very reluctant to approach any heavily tanned or groups of nudes. It seems they are trying it on - bullying only those who are, or appear to be, only occasional visitors, and then only if they are on their own. A notable exception to this generality is SUN Secretary Colin James, who was threatened by Mark Harold and Julian Homer, that they would ban him. At the time he was walking, quietly and alone, through an almost deserted area close to the tree-line. Being a timid and complaisant soul, Colin scuttled whimpering back inside the red posts. Not.

Despite the modification to their leaflet, and the cosmetic straightening of the dog-leg in the unwanted path, and notwithstanding our efforts to reach a compromise and to display our willingness to work with them, the National Trust are behaving in just as autocratic, insensitive and dictatorial a manner as always. Last year, the Echo published a letter from us, under the heading "Will Trust heed 1084 calls?" Clearly - and this is a sad commentary on their attitude - the answer to that question appears to be a resounding "No".

Use the whole area - don't let them bully you

We cannot say often enough, USE THE WHOLE TRADITIONAL AREA AND DON'T LET THEM BULLY YOU. As their own lawyers have told them, they have NO right to impose such a boundary and NO authority to enforce it.

NT Warden quote "There is nothing we can do about it"

Even their own employees have admitted this: a National Trust warden, talking (unknowingly) to a SUN member in June 1996, said "Well, of course we have no power to enforce it. All we can do is ask people either to dress or to move inside the red posts, but if they refuse there is nothing we can do about it".

We have a long way to go before we are able to say that we have achieved all our aims, and the fight goes on!


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