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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1996

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A minor re-routing of Heather Walk

Despite the obduracy and opposition of the National Trust, we have, we feel, achieved a minor success.

The National Trust has produced a new propaganda leaflet for Studland, although as they are still getting rid of the old one some confusion may arise. The new one is much more comprehensive than last year's version, and two points are worthy of a special mention. 

No longer are visitors misleadingly advised to follow the way-marked path to avoid the nudist area; ALL reference to 'Heather Walk' has been deleted, and the route of this abomination is marked solely as a nature trail.

The track to the west (landward) side of the broad-leaf woodland is marked as a footpath, which is what we have consistently proposed to the National Trust as a sensible idea. However, there is nothing in the leaflet or on the ground to encourage its use by visitors.

The hideous red-topped posts are back in force, sad to say, proving (if any such proof were needed) that the Trust is determined to ride roughshod over the wishes and views of beach users. Clearly, the word 'compromise' does not figure in their vocabulary.





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