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SUN Campaign History - Aug 1996

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Liaison Meeting reveals National Trust lied to SUN in 1995

The meeting was chaired by Mark Harold, National Trust Area Manager, Celia Mead, NT Regional Press Officer, Julian Homer, Property Manager, and representatives from SUN, CCBN and the Studland Parish Council attended.

Little was covered that was out of the ordinary with the Trust maintaining they would not budge on their restrictions.

In August 1995, at our first formal meeting with the National Trust, SUN was informed that the new measures were introduced following "complaints from members of the public who had stumbled across nudists while walking through the heathland." At the time the National Trust flatly refused to state exactly how many 'complaints' had been received, or exactly what the nature of the complaints were.

At this meeting SUN pushed the Trust about how many complaints they had received about the presence of nudists. The Trust started wriggling and tried to side-step the issue but we did a Paxman, and repeated the question over and over again. Both Mark Harold and Celia Mead were prevaricating like crazy, saying they couldn't give details, they weren't willing to show us the letters of complaint, etc., but we kept on asking the simple question "How many complaints have you received simply about the presence of nudists?"

Eventually Julian Homer cracked and replied "Not a single one".

In this simple answer Julian not only revealed the truth that nudists are not the cause of complaints at Studland but also that the Trust had tried to hide this fact.


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