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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1997

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Continued interest in SUN from Meridian TV

We have been encouraged by the continuing interest shown by Meridian TV: you will recall that they originally proposed a "24 Hours In Naturism" type of programme but that has turned out to be impracticable, not least because of the expense that would be involved in taking over an hotel and the difficulty in getting everyone together at the same time.

Nudists required for beach interviews

What we are now proposing is that they should do a series of interviews on the beach, which would obviously be a much lower-cost exercise and a lot easier to organise.

What we need now is for as many members as possible to indicate their willingness to take part and let me know what dates during this summer they expect to be down here.

It would be helpful if those who are able to get to Studland at short notice could let me have a phone or fax number where they can be reached if, for example, Meridian call us up and say "We want to do some filming tomorrow - can you round up some interviewees?" We have the chance to reach a huge audience and garner great sympathy (probably some antipathy as well, but what the hell? - into every life some rain must fall!) so let's go for it!

Meridian broadcasts to the whole of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, the Isle of Wight and Surrey as well as a large chunk of Wiltshire, Berkshire and southern parts of London - a pretty large audience!



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