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SUN Campaign History - Mar 1998

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After withdrawal, where to now?

Immediately after the meeting, while chatting in the car park, SUN representatives were approached by a conciliatory Mark Harold who urged us to re-consider our decision. We replied that after consulting with our members we would review our decision. SUN members are urged to write to the secretary with their comments on these dramatic developments.

We wish for the re-establishment of the traditional nudist area in the dunes and insist Heather Walk is better routed behind the tree line of the Broadleaf Woodland. This proposal has only been met with opposition from both the National Trust and the CCBN and others.

Until a satisfactory solution emerges we can only advise our members to continue using the beach and dunes in the normal way - and to the traditional boundaries.

We will continue to campaign for the re-instatement of this traditional right of access and use. Meanwhile, we will not be deflected by arbitrary borders, harassment from officials, threats of injunctions, warnings, etc.

Remember, nudity is not illegal under U.K. law

Remember, nudity is not illegal under U.K. law, there are no bylaws forbidding nudity on Studland, and the posts have no standing in law. At the end of the day they're simply bits of wood stuck in the sand at irregular intervals.


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