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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1998

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SUN should continue in liaison meetings say membership

This was an extremely unpleasant experience - we were subjected to the most venomous bigotry imaginable, mainly from CCBN, the organisation that claims to represent all naturists but also from the purely commercial interests of BDOC and the closed minds of the local worthies of Studland Parish Council.

The meeting was so unpleasant it resulted in SUN withdrawing from future meetings, an action that the SUN board felt necessary to communicate to its members via a special bulletin.

We were gratified to receive a number of letters from members in response, all of which expressed varying degrees of disgust with the way your Representatives were treated. On behalf of the Board, many thanks to all who wrote.

Several writers discussed the situation at length and had obviously given a great deal of thought as to where we go from here. The almost unanimous opinion of those who wrote - and those members who have spoken to Representatives since the Bulletin - is that we should continue to take part in the liaison meetings, if only so that we know what the other participants are cooking up, so that is what the Board has decided to do. (Unlike some, we are a democratic organisation that takes account of its members' views.) 

We have notified the National Trust of this decision, and sought from them an undertaking - which has been given - that they, as Chair, will not permit any repetition of the abuse to which your Representatives were subjected in March. Further developments will of course, be passed on to the membership at the earliest opportunity.


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