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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1998

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National Trust latest reason for zone: "It's easier to control criminals if the nudist area is smaller"

Every time we go to one of these liaison meetings with the National Trust et al, they come up with a different excuse for keeping Heather Walk and the red posts.

First it was:

"to provide a path for the use of people who did not wish to see nudists"

Then it was:

"to define the area for nudists who are not familiar with it".

The latest one:

This verges on the bizarre and escaped comment at the time principally because we simply couldn't believe our ears. Apparently:

"miscreants, performing criminal activities in the wider area, run into the nudist area to hide". Reducing the size of the nudist area makes it "more difficult for miscreants to hide among nudists"

In other words 'if there was a larger defined area, miscreants would be more difficult to apprehend'.

You couldn't make it up!

Colin James


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