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If you are challenged by an NT warden

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Police email to organisers of the London Naked Bike ride confirming nudity is not an offence


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Nudists' Legal Rights
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Use our Beach Report Form and tell SUN if you are harassed at Studland

National Trust wardens back down when you know your rights

SUN is aware of hundreds of incidents where National Trust wardens back down when dealing with nudists who know their legal rights - if you stand up for your rights, we can and will win!

What to do if I see a National Trust warden harassing a nudist

If you see a National Trust warden harassing someone else, go over and ask that person if you can help... that person may not know their rights and our experience shows that National Trust wardens prefer to pick on people who are new to the beach. Be polite, speak in civil tones and do not use force or abuse.

What to tell NT wardens who ask you to return their nudist zone

Be polite, speak in civil tones and do not use force or abuse. Remain calm and stand your ground. If they try to order you to move, say something like:

"No, I am not prepared to move from where I am and I believe that I have a prescriptive right, established over very many years, to be here".

"I must warn you that if you try to interfere with me physically in any way then, unless you can prove that I have committed an arrestable offence, I will not hesitate to take legal proceedings against you for trespass to the person and assault and battery as may be appropriate".

If National Trust employees continue to harass you, insist that you are committing no offence and tell them:

"I find your persistent harassment offensive and warn you that intentional harassment is a criminal offence under the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. I believe I am protected from under this act and if you continue to obstruct me I will seek further legal assistance and may take action against you".

If you have a confrontation with the National Trust try to make sure that you have a witness. You may very well notice that other nudists are standing up and watching your confrontation with the wardens. Don't hesitate to beckon somebody over. SUN has many members on the beach who are  experienced in assisting harassed nudists.

What to do if a NT warden asks for your name & address

No, there is no reason for you to identify yourself to any National Trust employee. They have no authority to demand your name, address, marital status or any other details about yourself.

What to do if a NT warden says "You have to do as you're told because they own the land"

If a National Trust warden tries to say that because they 'own' the land you must do what they say, tell them:

"The National Trust hold this land on behalf of the nation and it is designated 'Access Land - Open Country' under the under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. I am not breaing any laws and if you believe that I am not entitled to be here then I suggest you go to a Court of Law and attempt to obtain an injunction to prevent me from coming here".

What to do if a National Trust employee lays hands on you

If a National Trust warden lays a hand on you, you may report them to the police for common assault. If they use sufficient force to cause bruising, their offence is assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH). If they draw blood, it is assault occasioning grievous bodily harm (GBH) which usually attracts a custodial sentence.

SUN Nudists' Rights Card (Pilot & Update) | Five laws the police could use against nudists | Your rights when dealing with the police | What to do if challenged by a National Trust warden | Nudist Legal Rights FAQ | SUN's Legal Fund: Ready to support YOU in 2005