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TV company calculate nudist loss (May 1999)
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Meridian Television recalculate that the National Trust cut the nudist area by a whopping 99.7%

We are indebted to Meridian TV for an interesting and unsolicited boost to our claim to have had our area savagely cut by the National Trust. In the short Meridian Tonight item on 16th May 1999, it was reported that, prior to the National Trust's acquisition of the estate, nudists roamed 8000 acres. Now of course, they are trying to restrict us to 23 acres, a reduction of 99.7%, rather than the figure we have been using!

Meridian's report must have been based on figures supplied by the National Trust, since we didn't give them any precise numbers (they interviewed us on the day we inaugurated our ferry sign, which was the main reason for the news item). Since we constitute an enormously greater proportion of visitors than 0.3%, this highlights even more the vindictiveness of the National Trust's efforts to eliminate us.

The local papers all ran similar items in the days following the sign's inauguration. In each case, the tenor of the report was favourable to our cause, with ferry manager Bill Fraser quoted as saying that the advert had been accepted because it was not felt to be unsuitable, illegal or immoral. National Trust manager Julian Homer - rumoured to be sympathetic to the practice of nudism - fought a desperate rearguard action with the same dreary party line about there having been no "official nudist area until the National Trust had introduced it". Of course not - it has never been necessary. It's only the National Trust's obsession with 'managing' people - most would recognise it as a control freak mentality - that has invented the need for a defined area. He also spouted the propaganda hogwash about last years insulting leaflet 'helping' nudists. Get real, Julian.