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SUN Campaign History - 1st Jul 1995

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1995 may go down in nudist history as the year of the Studland rebellion... 'The Battle for Studland Bay' begins...

The first step in CONTRAS campaign was to call for an open meeting to decide how nudists should react and at 2pm on a sunny 1st July a mixed crowd of about 200 people gathered on the beach at the bottom of Footpath 6.

The National Trust and English Nature were not invited but their curiosity was such that at 2pm sharp a group of 3 or 4 uniformed 'representatives' appeared.

To say the meeting was stormy would be an understatement!

Nudists insisted they would not be 'zoned' and called on the Trust to remove the posts. Many were furious that the Trust had created a new and unnecessary path through a SSSI. Others wondered why they Trust saw the need to direct families through an area used by nudists for over 75 years. Many feared the Trust were trying to rid Studland of nudists entirely and this was the first step.

National Trust representatives agree nudist = sex offender

Whilst most directed their complaints to the Trust some textiles and homophobes relished the opportunity of a public forum to direct abuse at nudists and supported the Trust. Insults were thrown and allegations that nudists = sex offenders were made and to their discredit the representatives from The National Trust nodded approvingly.

After 40 minutes of heated argument the meeting finished with the Trust insisting nudists stay inside the zone and making clear they and no intention of removing the boundary or the new path.

Over the next 6 weeks CONTRAS collected nearly 1,200 protest signatures and arranged the first formal meeting with the Trust.


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