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SUN Campaign History - Aug 1995

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CONTRAS survey 1,084 nudists on National Trust restrictions

The last week of July and the first two weeks of August 1995 saw the first ever survey of nudists and collection of nudists signatures at Studland Bay.

The CONTRAS protest petition was signed by 1,084 nudists, of which 194 were paid up members of the National Trust and only 20 would not give their full name and address.

People were incensed that such a truly beautiful area, enjoyed so freely since the First World War by them and their families was now being subjected to over management by The National Trust.

Survey results as presented to the National Trust:

As discussed at our meeting with the National Trust representatives we now have pleasure in enclosing a copy of our survey and petition which was carried out over a three week period at Studland Bay nudist area.

The questions asked were:-

  1. Do you know what the yellow and red posts signify?

    In most cases the answer was "No - I do not know what the new posts signify".
    We informed those nudists interviewed that the red posts were to restrict naturists within that area as a result of heather walk being introduced for those people who do not wish to see nudists.
  2. Do you agree with the latest restrictions imposed on nudists by the national trust?

    In all cases the answer was "No - I do NOT agree with National Trust restrictions".
    All of those people interviewed agreed that the long established traditional area used by nudists should be retained.
  3. Would you be prepared to add your name and address to this petition which will in due course be passed to the national trust?

    Only 20 out of those who supported our survey/petition did not wish to include names and addresses.
  4. Over 1,100 nudists object to heather walk and its resulting restrictions on the established nudist area.

  5. 194 of those interviewed were National Trust members.

We hope that the enclosed copy survey/petition will be sufficient to influence the National Trust in reconsidering the latest restrictions imposed on nudist at Studland Bay and heathland.

CONTRAS representatives


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