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SUN Campaign History - Dec 1995

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Chairman's Winter Comment:
The National Trust must re-route 'Heather Walk' and remove the hideous eyesores of the red posts

It is a great honour to have been elected as the first Chairman of SUN.

During 1995, we have begun to demonstrate to the National Trust and English Nature management of Studland that we are not prepared to let them ride roughshod over our rights, and we must not let up on the pressure in the future.

Their attempts to restrict and dilute the nudist population are not acceptable, and will be resisted with the utmost vigour. 

As our membership grows, and we become more organised, the pressure will increase; we are breaking new ground, and they cannot ignore us.

Our first aim is to persuade them that they must re-route Heather Walk and remove the hideous eyesores of the marker posts; once that is achieved, we can move on to other areas of concern.

Thank you all for joining SUN, and particular thanks to all those who took robust action in 1995. Next summer is likely to see the need for more active participation, and I am sure SUN members will not be found wanting in their support.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours, and I hope we shall be successful in our efforts to preserve the most popular nudist venue in Britain.

Mike Peterson


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