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SUN Campaign History - Dec 1995

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The Bankes Bequest - Copy of Ralph Bankes Will obtained

We decided that, for our own satisfaction and to clarify the situation once and for all, we needed to see the original wording of the Bankes Bequest by which Studland passed to the trusteeship of the National Trust. Accordingly a copy of Ralph Bankes Will was ordered at a cost of 2 which was met from SUN funds.

The relevant extracts were later studied in depth by Barrister John Hobson.

The will is published here. Page 4 relates to the National Trust. Read what the National Trust have to say about the Bankes Estate here

Cover - 99kb Page 1 - 147kb Page 2 - 116kb
Page 3 - 126kb Page 4 - 104kb
(the National Trust bit!)

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