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SUN Campaign History - Nov 1995

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Report on First Formal Meeting - 15th November

National Trust refuse to remove nudist 'boundary'

We thought our meeting with the National Trust had been constructive and useful but we were wrong. They wrote to us on November 15th saying that they had altered the route of 'Heather Walk' but that the red topped posts marked the 'boundary' of nudist use and they would not extend them. In other words, they are attempting to pen a rising nudist population into an area of 45,000 square yards (equivalent to nine football pitches), just ten percent of the traditional nudist area. Furthermore, as much as half of their designated area is unusable due to the slope of the dunes or the density of the vegetation.

National Trust make minor change to Heather Walk but it still runs right through the middle of the traditional nudist area

The "alteration" to the route of "Heather Walk" amounts to no more than the straightening of a dogleg - about a hundred yards of the path is moved about fifty yards to the west, but the path, allegedly for the use of visitors who do not wish to see nudists, still runs right through the middle of the traditional nudist area. This, combined with their policy of encouraging textile use of our area, (the effect of which is to dilute the nudist population), their misrepresentation of the facts and their arrogance in ignoring our views, suggests very strongly that their long term agenda is to ban nudism entirely.




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