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SUN Campaign History - Jan 1996

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National Trust cuts down more trees and destroys 'gorse hollow'

Not content with the destruction they wrought in 1995 in the name of conservation, the management have cut down even more trees and bushes this year. The most recent involves the wholesale destruction of "Gorse Hollow", a sheltered, fairly large hollow in the second dune line about 200 yards south of FP6.

Many of you will be familiar with this hollow, which has been in regular use for all-year-round sunbathing for well over forty years, including one period when it was the regular haunt of three generations of the same family.

Two weeks ago, a work crew destroyed it utterly, cutting down all the gorse and uprooting the shoring which not only preserved the surrounding vegetation but kept the shape of the hollow.

Since neither the gorse nor the shoring was detrimental to other plants (one of the excuses used to justify the wholesale devastation of 1995), we interpret this as an act of environmental vandalism designed to prevent people enjoying themselves.

Our action plan for 1996 centres around an assertion of our long established right to wander naked around our traditional area. SUN will be sustaining the pressure on the National Trust/EN management to back off and leave us alone, and we are encouraging our members to stand up to them and not allow the harassment and bullying tactics of the National Trust's semi-skilled casual labourers to succeed. 

We shall shortly be embarking on a major recruiting drive through our existing membership and a further mail shot drawn from last year's 1200 protest signatures.

Colin James


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