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SUN Campaign History -  Jul 1996

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National Trust announce 'cover-up patrols' and warn "We are Wardening more heavily than we have done"

The following article, which appeared in the Bournemouth Evening Echo on July 2nd 1996 shows how the National Trust continue confuse and mislead the public.

The Trust make no reference to the fact that nudists do not condone sexual behaviour in public and instead continue to blur issues and perpetuate the myth that nudist = sex offender.

Nudity patrols are to police Studland
Bournemouth Evening Echo  - July 2nd 1996
By David Radcliff

THE National Trust is running "cover-up" patrols to stop naked people wandering through the dunes at Studland.

The dunes are widely known as a gay meeting place but the Trust denies targeting gays and says the policy is to stop that part of Studland becoming a no-go area for the general public.

Studland's beach attracts about a million visitors annually and one section is now clearly defined and acknowledged as a naturist area.

Purbeck estate property manager for the National Trust Julian Homer, said the the trust had no problem with the popular and well used naturist section of the  beach.

"We have defined boundaries to that naturist area and what we ask is that people who are outside that area who are naked to either put on some clothes or to move back within the naturist area."

There is a walkway around the naturist section so that anyone who might be offended can take an alternative route.

He said: "We are wardening it more heavily than we have done. We really don't want people to feel that part of Studland is a 'no go' area."

"We want people to feel free to walk anywhere there if they want to. It is total open space and people must have that right."

He added: Our policy is that we will not tolerate any sexual activity in the dunes, whether heterosexual or homosexual. We would deny targeting any particular sexuality. The Trust staff would "strive to ensure that all areas of the reserve are available for enjoyment by the public."

And he said: "Anyone breaking the law or causing offence will be treated in the same way, regardless of sexual orientation.

"It is our policy to prevent the actions of some individuals from distressing other visitors and spoiling their visit to Studland."


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