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SUN Campaign History - Nov 1996

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Studland United Nudists' first AGM - 1996 Report (digest)

Our first AGM was held it the Holmcroft Hotel, Bournemouth on 2nd November. Twenty eight members attended and a further forty five lodged proxies before the meeting.

The Chairman, Mike Peterson, welcomed members and reviewed briefly the events of SUN's first year, stressing the benefit to the local economy of having such a high profile attraction. He paid tribute to the effort of SUN members to protect and promote Studland's nudist area.

The Treasurer, Sue Dangerfield, gave a brief financial statement which showed a good balance in the bank and nearly 200 worth of stock for resale.

That the Articles of Management and Purpose be amended

An amendment to the Articles of Management and Purpose, to extend to the Group's Trustees the same 'will and pleasure' status currently accorded the Treasurer and Secretary, was debated briefly before being put to the vote and CARRIED.

There being no other nominations, Mike Peterson was re-elected as Chairman for 1997. Mark Nisbet, Chris Phillips, Gill Williams and Reg Chapman were elected as Representatives for 1997.

That SUN Group Ltd be established

A proposition to establish a limited company, to be known as 'S.U.N. Group Ltd.' (provided that name is available) was subject to considerable debate and on being put to the vote was CARRIED by 67 votes to 2, including proxies, with six abstentions. (Note: The formalities to put this decision into effect are currently under way, the putative Directors being Mike Peterson and Mark Nisbet, and the Company Secretary Sue Dangerfield.)

That meetings should be in the Holmcroft Hotel and the Baker's Arms

Letters were read from Ken Tullett, Barry and Marianne Grant about the non-smoking status of the Holmcroft Hotel. The hotel's proprietor, SUN member Barrie Andrews, assured the meeting that his decision to institute this status had been made in response to the concerns of his guests. It was not feasible to set aside a smoking area inside the building as this would invalidate his current insurance. In reply to a number of questions, it was confirmed that the use of this venue for the AGM was a one-off, and that the regular monthly Noggin'n'Natter meetings would continue to be held at the Baker's Arms in Bournemouth, not least because our advertising campaign, now nationwide, specified that as a regular venue. After considerable discussion, a proposition that the Holmcroft should be the first choice for AGMs and other special occasions and that the Board should continue to consider other venues, which should suit a majority of members, for the Noggin'n'Natter meetings was CARRIED.

That SUN should write to CCBN, calling on them to withdraw their deeply flawed 'agreement' with the National Trust

There was considerable discussion about SUN's relations with the National Trust. It was confirmed that, because the matter had been decided behind closed doors, there had been no representations to the National Trust or CCBN before the restrictions were imposed. Put bluntly, we knew nothing about it, and we had the National Trust's own admission that they had contacted only about a dozen people before arriving at their decision, and they had been unable - or unwilling - to explain why they had not contacted current SUN members whose names were on record from previous contacts. It was evident that the National Trust were interested in talking only with people who shared their preconceptions, and the most recent letter we had received from them indicated that they wished to freeze us out of the discussion process. The National Trust and CCBN appear to be looking at a national strategy of restrictions, with Studland as the testing ground. SUN, on the other hand, is concentrating on this local issue, and would only become involved with other, similar groups on a national level insofar as our advice, and the benefit of our experience, might be of assistance to then. A proposition that SUN should write to CCBN, calling on them to withdraw their deeply flawed 'agreement' with the National Trust was CARRIED. The letter and Counsel's Opinion, recently received from the National Council for Civil Liberties, were read to the meeting. It was widely agreed that in many ways the Opinion was supportive of our position, and it was agreed that it would be included in the next Update. (See below.)

That a definitive statement of nudists' rights be produced

In response to a question from the floor, it was advised that the Board is looking into the possibility of producing a definitive statement of nudists' rights, following legal consultation, and that it was hoped to issue this statement of rights to all members, possibly on a laminated card. It was suggested that all SUN members might complain to the National Trust about the restrictions, and it was agreed to include the names and addresses of National Trust area managers in the next Update.

After thanking all members for attending, the Chairman closed the meeting at 11pm.


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