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SUN Campaign History - Dec 1996

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Chairman's Winter Comment:
Not all nudists are prepared to roll over and play dead for the National Trust

In the latest issue of The Naturist, the newsletter of the UKNA, the Chairman, Garth Smith, wrote a piece that could almost apply word for word to SUN Group. We too have had a "stressful first year, with changes in the Management Committee" and "our work has had neither the effect or the progress hoped for".

Garth also said that he could not share the view of those expecting a huge membership in the first year, "it takes time to grow". All of these points and more apply equally to SUN, and it is against the expectations of some members that we have survived our first year, but we have survived, and we are going into our second year with a strongly optimistic outlook.

We may not yet have achieved all we set out to do, but we have got ourselves noticed and we have shown the National Trust that not all nudists are prepared to roll over and play dead for them. SUN is going from strength to strength, and gaining in determination as we are gaining in membership. I will close by quoting again from Garth Smith's message to the national body, which sums up our own feelings:

"Our future is bright, our future is rosy, but it will need determination, effort and support. The association is only as strong as its members. You will only get out of your organisation what you are prepared to put in."

A very happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to seeing you all on the beach.

Mike Peterson


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