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SUN Campaign History - Dec 1996

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Meridian TV want to make nudist programme

One of the spin-offs from all the hurly-burly and high profile activity of the last year (our FIRST year) is that Meridian TV, based in Southampton, want to make a special programme covering 24 hours in the life of a group of nudists, and they have asked for our assistance. It is difficult to know how to go about this, but one idea mooted is to take over an hotel for 24 hours, lunchtime to lunchtime (probably at the weekend) and let them see us in a variety of different settings and activities (pool, gym, sauna, beach, meals, bar, etc.). For this, though, we need loads of volunteers who are not shy of being interviewed and filmed at some length. If anyone would be interested in such a project, which night be networked throughout the ITV regions, please get in touch with the Secretary as soon as possible. If anyone has any other ideas about how we might get Meridian (or any other broadcaster) to give us some publicity on our terms, please let us know.









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