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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1997

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Conflicting messages from CCBN who again 'agree' with boundary in National Trust meeting but call it an 'optional boundary' in their newsletter

The latest issue of BN Magazine carries a note that another meeting has taken place between CCBN and the National Trust, at which the red post "boundary" was agreed.

Interestingly, CCBN's regional representative, who lives in Poole, knows nothing about any such meeting or agreement.

Local CCBN Rep says "CCBN has no authority to reach an agreement with the National Trust, who should be talking to groups like SUN".

Even more interestingly, we learn that in his opinion CCBN has no authority to reach any such agreement with the National Trust, who "should be talking to groups like SUN".

Obviously the inner cabal of the Northampton Ninnies has come to some cosy little arrangement with the National Trust behind double sets of closed doors, and they have no compunction about trumpeting it through their house organ since the majority of their members are unaffected by it.

CCBN call National Trust boundary 'Optional'

One word, however, stands out in the BN report - "the OPTIONAL boundary": this suggests that even the sycophantic CCBN agrees with what we in SUN Group have been saying ever since our inception, that the National Trust's cordon sanitaire has no legal standing.

Colin James


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