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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1997

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Bournemouth Daily Echo publish 'The Big Debate'

The Bournemouth Daily Echo recently published two articles, one from us and one from the National Trust, under the general heading 'The Big Debate'. At the time of writing, no further contributions to the debate have appeared, despite an undertaking from the paper's Managing Editor to investigate thoroughly all aspects of the dispute and to give us fair coverage (rather than the sneering, patronising commentary penned by one of the paper's regular columnists).

The National Trust's contribution sidesteps most of the issues and is little more than a spewing forth of familiar, misleading National Trust propaganda. They attempt to belittle and dismiss SUN Group by putting our name in speech marks, and claim to have the backing of the Parish Council.

In response to two letters, we have now been told by the Parish Council that they have had no discussions with the National Trust about naturist use of the beach and heath - is this another National Trust lie?

Last year, the National Trust claimed that the nudist beach was 900 metres long and that the naturist area covered 23 acres - to most people a meaningless measurement, but that isn't the point. This year they have claimed that the beach is "950 metres long and the naturist area includes 35 acres of heathland" and in the Echo article that the area "covers nearly a kilometre (24 acres) of the beach".

You might be forgiven for assuming, from this, that there have been two adjustments to the so-called boundary. Not so - nothing has changed.

To paraphrase Disraeli, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and National Trust statements!

Both articles are reproduced in full in our media section, so you can judge for yourselves the relative quality of the arguments.


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