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SUN Campaign History - Dec 1998

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Chairman's Winter Comments

TV points out to three million absurdities of posts and National Trust

The fruits of last summer's work with the media produced two winter broadcast documentaries that raised the profile of the SUN Group in one way or another. SUN Secretary Colin James did a pas de deux with a red-post in one of the more memorable sequences in Acting Natural, the Channel 4 effort. This effectively pointed out to an audience of three million that both the posts and the National Trust were absurdities.

Craven Walker sets up CCBN backed Studland Beach Naturists group

Meanwhile, SUN continues to attract snide criticism from officialdom - textile and naturist alike. The textile stuff is fairly routine while the CCBN 'Chamberlain deal' with the trust over 'official' status for Studland is ignored by all - save by those souls who feel happy penned in amongst gawpers and textiles, recently 'licensed' by the trust's leaflets which are blatantly designed to dilute the nudist beach still further.

Apparently, nobody in SUN is genuinely concerned with "saving and improving" Studland beach - this is why Craven Walker has set up his CCBN backed Studland Beach Naturists support group. What have we been doing for four years you might well ask? No matter, Walker clearly sees himself as the voice of Studland. Future meetings with the trust's newly appointed management team will be even livelier. SUN is up to the task of dealing with those sporting a dodo plumage - the CCBN, Walker, Studland Parish Council and the trust.

Let's not be distracted and get our original aims back into the foreground

Let's not be too distracted by the machinations of others and get the original aims of SUN back into the foreground; the traditional area restored, the removal of the red posts, and our compromise solution into place - the relocation of Heather Walk behind what is left, after English Nature 'access pruning', of the Broadleaf Woodland.

That's what we were set up for and this is the message we'll be putting across with renewed vigour over the action weekend.

Mark Nisbet


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