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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1999

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Chairman's Summer Comment:

When a Nudist Beach ends up a Vaguely Nudist Beach

Well, here we are again, well into another summer of defending Studland from the machinations of the National Trust. They would much prefer us all quietly to accept the colonisation of the traditional areas by the clothed masses - very noticeable these last two summers. I went to the beach in late May and thought for a moment I was at Knoll Beach - so many cossies in view! Really!

I am dubious about this 'clothes-optional' fad amongst some naturists

Personally, I am dubious about this 'clothes-optional' fad amongst some naturists. What this often means is an established nudist beach ends up a vaguely nudist beach. The idea would be reasonable if a similar tolerance - a buzzword much loved by our twisted adversaries the CCBN - was extended to us nudists at say, Durley Chine, yes? Alas, it is not. We all know the National Trust's long term aim is to get rid of what they see as 'naturist pollution' by 'textile dilution'. This will not happen, but it will depend on all of us to point out diplomatically to the Lycra brigade that their presence on Studland is not welcome. What do SUN members feel on this clothing optional issue? Letters please.

June Action Weekend was disappointing

Rank and file member support for the June Action Weekend was disappointing. It was left to Board members and a couple of regulars to promote and agitate. I realise it is difficult to sacrifice a day on the beach, but we've never asked for more than an hour or two of your time. For distant members we realise the difficulties, but for those who live locally I have not heard an excuse that stands up to scrutiny. Membership thanks for the Board's work throughout they year, (it's not just a summer activity defending Studland, the Trust does not sleep), traditionally given at the AGM, would sound so much sweeter if we knew it was backed up by effective membership presence, however brief, on protest days.

SUN advert on Sandbanks Ferry - a nation-wide first for a nudist group

Meanwhile, we are rightly celebrating the sign on the ferry - a nation-wide first for a nudist group. Together with the sign the SUN telephone information line is doing a fine job in broadcasting the message to a wider audience. A sound investment of membership funds - even if it took us to the edge of insolvency. You see, unlike the Trust, SUN does not sit on members' money. Nor do we, unlike the Trust, invest it in stocks and shares. We spend it all on defending Studland. Guaranteed.

SUN beach party on August Bank

We are holding our traditional beach party on August Bank Holiday Sunday - the 29th. Make a note, bring some food and a drink, and socialise. This year there will be no TV crews to frighten off the camera shy. It will be a party. There will be headaches on the Monday. Be there.

Mark Nisbet


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