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SUN Campaign History - Jun 2000

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National Trust installs 6" diameter steel pipes filled with concrete

New and disturbing developments indicate that the National Trust is doing its damndest this year to drive us out. After the installation of ever bigger and more intrusive red posts - up to six feet tall, well in excess of the 1.5m limit imposed by Purbeck DC - and their repeated felling by persons unknown (SUN Group does not condone criminal damage, and we do not believe that SUN members were responsible) - they have now decided to use hideous, intrusive, ecologically unfriendly lengths of 6" diameter steel pipe filled with concrete - bigger and even more intrusive than the lengths of scaffold pole they have stuck in along the prudes' path, and painted red at the top. 

We hope that the first person to fall on one of these monstrosities and injure himself or herself will sue the National Trust for every penny they've got. After all, with 800 million in the bank, they can afford it.

National Trust taking photographs of nudists who do not tell their name

Further, they are going around with cameras photographing (1) people showing a "close interest" in the red posts and (2) people who exercise their legal right to refuse to give their names to the goons. A clash earlier in the year led to the police being called and a non-SUN member being reported for assault after he tried to stop the goon snapping him.




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