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SUN Campaign History - Jun 2000

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Major Change: 
Divisional Superintendent says Dorset Police will no longer be used as "National Trust Puppets" (his exact words!)

There has been a major change in the attitude of the police towards the nudist area of Studland and its habitués. Dorset Police have stated categorically that they will:

  • No longer be used as "National Trust puppets" (their exact words!)
  • They will only attend at Studland in the event of "specific incidents"
  • They will not tell nudists outside the red posts to move back inside them
  • They will they not use nudists' presence outside the red posts as a cause for harassment
  • They now regard the red posts, and their continued failure to be recognised by individuals, as a civil matter simply for the National Trust and as outwith the police remit.

These changes were notified by the Divisional Superintendent at a meeting between the police and representatives of gay businesses in Bournemouth and the surrounding area. SUN was not represented as the initiative was aimed primarily at improving relations with the gay community, but it is evident from the Superintendent's phraseology that their change of heart has also been influenced by pressure from SUN.

We're getting there folks. With high ranking police respecting the rights of nudists the National Trust is becoming increasingly isolated and dependent on progressively wilder assertions to justify their vendetta against nudists.


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