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SUN Campaign History - Jun 2000

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Five Years On - National Trust adopting more confrontational and provocative tactics

And so we approach another summer, the fifth since SUN Group was founded in the autumn of 1995. Although we have not yet achieved our objectives of removing the excrescences that are the red posts, or the hideous and misleadingly advertised Heather Walk no one can deny that we have made our mark on the Studland scene.

National Trust again revise nudist history at Studland

As the Nazional Trust sinks to new depths in their efforts to get rid of us, it is quite clear that we have them on the run. Their latest piece of revisionism would be hilariously funny if it were not so shameful: they are now putting it about that Ralph Bankes had a lorry with a cage on the back, which he used to round up nudists and transport them into Studland village. Mr Bankes must be spinning like a top in his grave - it is a great pity that the dead cannot sue for defamation of character.

Trust adopting more confrontational and provocative tactics against nudists

As reported elsewhere in this issue, the National Trust are also adopting more confrontational and provocative tactics against nudists. Whilst we do not in any way condone violence, it will be surprising if they get through the summer without at least a bloody nose or two. Perhaps this is the last convulsion of the dying dinosaur- the Human Rights Act comes into force later this year, and we have justifiable hopes of an improvement in our position.

PC Pete Norton retires after 22 years as Studland beat bobby

Meanwhile, the NT'S favourite puppet, PC Pete Norton, has retired after 22 years as Studland beat bobby. We wish him a nudist-free retirement In Swanage. It seems there will also be a new Inspector at Swanage, as Insp. Angie Downer moves to Wimborne. Perhaps the new incumbents will be a little less keen on jumping through hoops for the National Trust, especially as the burglary clear-up rate has yet to burst through the 20% barrier.

Colin James


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