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Nudists' Rights Card

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Police email to organisers of the London Naked Bike ride confirming nudity is not an offence


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Nudists' Legal Rights
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Despite all the threats
SUN knows of no nudist that has been arrested or charged with any offence simply for being naked in the traditional nudist area at Studland


Use our Beach Report Form and tell SUN if you are harassed at Studland

In October 2004 all SUN members received a pilot version of the long awaited Studland United Nudists Legal Rights card.

The card was warmly received and the SUN Board requested and received suggestions on minor improvements to the wording on the card to be incorporated into the final version to be distributed to members in 2005.


Nudists' Rights Card: Statement from the SUN Board - May 2005

In the current climate (and this is not a climb down) SUN’s Board recommends that one word of advice on our rights card could now lead to unnecessary problems.

The '5 Step SUN Defence at Studland' recommends points to repeat to ANY PERSON attempting to curtail your nudism anywhere at Studland and that you firmly stand your ground and continue to use the traditional area.

However, in the current uncertain climate if you are THREATENED WITH ARREST by the police, and ONLY by the police we stress, for refusing to go back beyond the posts, then we advise that you comply. Some officers are threatening arrest under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

The officer should have no objection to you making a note of his number and SUN would like to hear about any such incidents.

If arrested, we suggest that under no circumstances should a nudist accept a police caution to ‘resolve matters’ (this means a criminal record without judgment) and that the person arrested gets in touch with a SUN representative as soon as possible - we have a legal fund to assist any genuine nudist indiscriminately picked out and arrested for the simple act of being naked in the traditional nudist area at Studland.

We are of the opinion that arrests for simple nudity at Studland are not in the public interest and SUN will campaign vigorously against all those who think that they are.

We insist that Studland nudists be polite and firm in their dealings with wardens, the police, and any others who object to nudity at Studland, and that they stick up for their rights and those of their fellow nudists to enjoy peacefully their nudity at Studland.

SUN Nudists' Rights Card (Pilot & Update) | Five laws the police could use against nudists | Your rights when dealing with the police | What to do if challenged by a National Trust warden | Nudist Legal Rights FAQ | SUN's Legal Fund: Ready to support YOU in 2005