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Presenter should enter into the spirit of the programme

June 1999

Ron Kermode has written a couple of letters since the last issue. One of them dealt in some detail with the proposal at the last AGM to investigate the feasibility of paid Life Membership - many thanks for your thoughts on that, Ron, I've put it to one side for the Board to consider, along with some brief comments from other members. If any other member has any opinions or suggestions on this subject, please send them in to the Secretary (details on Contact Us page).

Ron also asks about sending in contributions on disc, which rather put me on the spot as I'm not exactly an expert myself! The short answer (I am assured by those who know about these things!) for Ron and anyone else who wants to send in contributions on a floppy, is that we can handle anything written in ASCII, on a 3.5" floppy disk. For the benefit of those who, unlike me, know something about computers, we use MS-Works 3.0, Word 6, and Publisher '97. (As well as all sorts of other exciting and unfathomable odds and ends, but they're the main ones!) Hope that answers your question, Ron!

Long-standing members will recall that we published a poem by Ron in a very early issue of TBE (back in the days of the Steam Typewriter and Photocopier!), and Ron tells me that he has written some more. Send them in, Ron - something a little bit different is always welcome! Ron also refers to a TV programme I didn't see (I don't get Channel 5):

Dear SUN,

The programme on the naturist holiday scene (Peng, at Almeira, etc.) was very well done, avoiding both the coyness of other programmes in concealing the "naughty bits" (what a dreadful term!) with strategic plants, etc., and the concentration on nakedness of some others. The only jarring note was the presenter herself! Her final remark "Well, what did you expect?" as she stepped, garbed, behind a towel, was downright insulting to viewers who thought they were watching a serious programme and who were not on the edge of their seats waiting for her to do a striptease. I have written to the above effect to Channel 5 and suggested that next time they use someone who will enter into the spirit of the programme they are presenting, whether clothed or not. I've also asked if there's any chance of a copy of the programme.

Certainly it was the best thing I've seen, but unfortunately the programme publicity was for holidays, not naturism.

Ron Kermode

Unfortunately there is still a lot of "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" associated with nudism and the media are far from immune to the temptation to indulge in it. However, the more publicity we can get, the less the n-n, w-w syndrome should occur. 

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