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National Trust won't be satisfied until we dress to their specification

December 1998

Chris and Kathy Shingles, who have renewed their memberships until 2003, write from London:

Dear SUN,

Living as we do in London we are not able to get down to Studland as often as we would wish and 1998 has seen our worst attendance record of the decade (it was very nearly my worst, as well - Ed.) but we are keen, through our membership of SUN, to maintain our interest in the area and hopefully help in some small way to defend the facilities there that we enjoy.

We have read with interest in the newsletter of ongoing discussions with the National Trust (of which we are also members) and find the level of frustration experienced by those who meet with them directly shows through clearly. It seems a great pity that in such a huge area the National Trust seems unwilling to accommodate all its various interest groups and there is no doubt in our minds that they won't be satisfied until we are all dressed to their specification.

Please keep up the good work, and best wishes to you all.

Chris and Kathy Shingles

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