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People Who Wore No Clothes At All Had Perfect Health

News from The Bare Essentials Issue 8 June 1999

This cutting, sent in by our cartoonist Ricky, is from Saga Magazine, the publication devoted to those of us who may be past the first flush of youth:

Like many daily newspapers, the New York Herald Tribune has taken to reprinting stories from past coverage which appear amusing in retrospect.

In 1923 the paper reported from London that "The great authority on hygienics, Dr C W Saleeby, declared that there had been an enormous improvement in women's health since they had started to wear lighter and fewer clothes."

The eminent hygienist, giving a lecture, told his audience that "Things like silk stockings or anything which is semi-diaphanous, is of great benefit." Primitive people who wore no clothes at all had perfect health, he insisted.

"What we have to live by is air, light, water and fresh food and very little clothes. That would make medicine largely unnecessary.

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