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SUN Meeting point on the beach

June 1998

Dear Sun,

I shall confess that I've never actually visited Studland; all through the recession (OK, OK, if you're a politician it wasn't a recession, so it can't be over) I've been looking forward to 'loafing' on a beach without being 'organised' and in a more picturesque environment than the local St Osyth (Essex). It saddens me to hear of the commercialisation of Studland and the loss of woodland.

I find myself working all over the country except Studland, but still hope to get down there for a weekend or two - keep it beautiful for me.

I thoroughly enjoy reading The Bare Essentials, although I do have one criticism - something that I'm loath to express to an organisation manned by volunteers;

Is there any recognised meeting point for members visiting Studland?

Mike Harris

Board members usually fly the SUN flag on the beach so just go up and introduce yourself. Just one qualification, though, please make allowances for sleepers! Some of us are not quite compos mentis when just woken up!

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