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Letters to SUN

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You also looked in good shape, unlike so many...

December 1998

Recently joined member Stanley writes from Parkstone, and includes a delightful little vignette, an extract from his autobiography, which is one of the items we are saving for the next issue:

Dear SUN,

Well done for your part in the TV Witness programme. I thought you made a good case for our kind of naturism and, incidentally, you also looked in good shape, unlike so many who are selected by the media as spokesmen on our behalf. Sadly so many are old and saggy or just plain fat and not really a good advert for an outdoor experience which is supposed to enhance a sense of personal well-being, good health and general fitness.


Thank you for the flattering remarks, Stanley, and everyone else who commented on my television performance. I have to say, though, that in my view the programme gave the lie to the old adage that the camera doesn't lie. I am a long way from being fit, unfortunately, having been kept alive for the last ten years by the ingenuity and skill of the cardiologists of the Royal Bournemouth and Southampton General Hospitals and the geniuses of the pharmaceutical industry. Hopefully, they will be able to keep the grim reaper off my back for a few more years, but fit I ain't and without a replacement pump there's not much chance that I ever will be. And the reason I didn't look saggy? Skilful use of camera angles, and a three foot bulldog clip down my back!

Incidentally, Stanley went on to say that he assumed the winter TBE had already been published (this was at the beginning of December): well, it certainly ought to have been in preparation, but unfortunately it wasn't, my preceding comments being a partial explanation of the delay. Sorry, folks, but I can't always manage a deadline. 

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