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Litter & recycling, fires & barbecues


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Take only photographs, leave only footprints, kill only time

Litter and recycling bins at Studland Bay  Studland United Nudists

This sign's not at Studland but it must come into the minds of many as soon as their feet hit the  Studland sand!

There are litter bins every 100 yards or so along the beach and also by the tree line on FP6 - look out for your nearest bin as you enjoy your day!




Litter bin on Footpath 6 (recycling bin now also provided)  Studland United Nudists
Litter bin on Footpath 6 (recycling bin now also provided)

Litter & recycling

It is hard to understand how people can litter such a beautiful landscape but there's always somebody who walks away leaving a whole days food litter behind for the next unlucky person.

Litter is not only a visual problem. Deer are becoming increasing bold at Studland and now wander right down to the front dunes at night. We cannot be certain that morsels of food litter are what the deer seek but we are aware that deer ticks, which deer can carry, can cause Lyme disease in humans if they choose a human lunch!

Thankfully, in addition to the efforts of National Trust, there are several regulars at Studland who also do their best to keep the beach clean... even when that involves walking around with a carrier bag and collecting other peoples rubbish.

Please help to keep the beach and dunes cleaner and safer
A lot of little actions make a big difference...

  1. Try to bring at least one spare plastic bag with you.

  2. When you arrive tell friends (and especially the kids) where the 'trash bag' is... in a rucksack... secured to a windbreak... tied to the long grass...

  3. Check your spot on the beach is clean before you leave. If there's a few crisp bags or ice-cream wrappers left by someone else consider taking those too.

  4. When you take your trash to the nearest litter bin at the end of your stay use this as an easy opportunity to pick up any other litter you see on your way.

  5. If you smoke try to stub your cigarettes in the same spot and clear the butts too when you leave.

  6. If you want to collect litter left by others bring a few bags and use a spare one as a glove to protect your hands from melted ice cream or worse.

  7. Remember, even 'organic' litter like banana skins and orange peel will not be welcomed when rotting a few feet from the next visitors head.

~ Thank You Very Much ~



Fire spreads rapidly through dune grasses and can travel under the sand via plant roots so please don't light fires or use barbecues and take care with matches, lighters and cigarettes.

Call 999 immediately if you see re

Fire beaters at Studland are no longer kept in good repair  Studland United Nudists  

Fire beaters at Studland are no longer kept in good repair  Studland United Nudists  Studland United Nudists

  National Trust 'No Fires or Barbecues' sign  Studland United Nudists
The heathland at Studland is highly flammable and fire beaters are no longer kept in good repair so call 999 if you see fire


Safe areas for barbecues are provided at Shell Bay, Knoll Beach, Middle Beach and South Beach (no image)

Barbecue area at Shell Bay  Studland United Nudists   Barbecue area at Knoll Beach  Studland United Nudists   Barbecue area at Middle Beach  Studland United Nudists
Barbecue area at
Shell Bay
  Barbecue area at
Knoll Beach
  Barbecue area at
Middle Beach