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  Nudist Freedom at Studland is under threat!
  National Trust reduce nudist area by 90%  

Studland United Nudist Group
(SUN) is a group of freedom loving nudists fighting National Trust's nudist restrictions at Studland Bay in Dorset, England.

We campaign for recognition of nudist legal rights and we fight harassment from National Trust Wardens and Dorset Police.

SUN members share a common aim:

Restoration of the freedom enjoyed by nudists before the National Trust inherited this beautiful SSSI

Cessation of nudist harassment at Studland

Restoration of respect for nudists

SUN has grown from strength to strength due to the participation of an enthusiastic membership and we welcome you to join us!

We hope you enjoy your visit and we appreciate your feedback and your support.

The National Trust misuse legacy

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  Join Studland United Nudists and Stop the Studland Cover-Up! Dorset Police harass nudists at Studland National Trust use Heather Walk to generate complaints 23 years of Nudist harassment at Studland  
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