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Twenty three years of harassment

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Three Major Issues
Twenty three years of harassment
Heather Walk exposed
Nudist & Police relations
SUN's proposed solutions


The many appalling ways nudists, the public and a SSSI have been treated by the National Trust and others at Studland


Since 1982
nudists have been:

  • Restricted

  • Harassed

  • Trampled

  • Ignored

  • Slandered

  • Insulted

  • Threatened

  • Intimidated

  • Deceived

  • Lied to

  • Verbally Attacked

Since 1982 a Site of Special Scientific Interest has been:

  • Over managed

  • Under cherished

  • Carved up

  • Sawn up

  • Disrespected

Since 1982
the public has been:

  • Misinformed

  • Misled

  • Misguided


~ Before 1982 ~

The dunes and heathland at Studland Bay have been used by nudists since early in the twentieth century. Some famous names are believed to have roamed au naturel through the beautiful wilderness, including George Bernard Shaw, Lytton Strachey and Enid Blyton (who based the PC Plod character in her Noddy stories on Studland's village policeman of the day, as well as using local settings for her "Famous Five" stories).

The long hot summer of 1976 provided the stimulus for nudists to come out from the dunes onto the open beach and thus, what many regard as the finest nudist area in Britain was  established.

~ After 1982 ~

In 1982, on the death of Ralph Bankes, the land was bequeathed to the National Trust who erected signs on the beach and adopted a policy of restricting nudists.

In 1984 mounted police officers shipped down from Bristol at phenomenal expense to trample through the dunes and harass single male nudists.

In 1988 the National Trust removed the advisory notices that existed at the main entrances to the beach warning casual walkers that they may encounter naturists in the area.

In 1995 National Trust instituted more draconian restrictions
and 'The Studland Rebellion' began!

Below, year by year, we set out links to the story so far...


~ 1995 ~

  Horror as nudists discover red posts for first time (May '95)
 Nudists form Coalition Opposing National Trust Restrictions At Studland (June '95)
 'Battle for Studland Bay' begins - CONTRAS 1st meeting of angry nudists (July '95)

 CONTRAS survey 1,084 nudists on National Trust restrictions (Aug '95)

  1st formal meeting with National Trust - will they heed 1,084 nudist calls? (Aug '95)
 Trust claim restrictions were approved by consultation - deeply flawed say CONTRAS (Aug '95)
 National Trust claim restricted zone is in response to complaints from visitors 'stumbling over' nudists - in Aug 1996 SUN discovered this was a lie! (Aug '95)
 National Trust letter tries to re-write history of nudism Studland (Aug '95)
 National Trust refuse to remove nudist 'boundary' (Nov '95)
 Ralph Bankes's cousin supports SUN
 SUN Group formed (Nov '95)
 Heath becomes eyesore as more trees & bushes destroyed (Dec '95)



~ 1997 ~

 Police film nudists from helicopter (and SUN membership grows) (Jun '97)
 National Trust perpetuate myth that nudist = sex offender in Daily Echo (Jun '97)
 National Trust get away with blatant abuse of planning law (Jun '97)
 CCBN again 'agree' with nudist boundary in secret Trust meeting (Jun '97)
 National Trust wardens target pale nudists for harassment assuming that
'Tanned = Trouble'
(Jun '97)
 Trust compromise at Liaison Meeting and SUN receive certain assurances (Sep '97)
 Trust break promise and destroy woodland at 'Old Man's Corner' (Oct '97)
 Regional CCBN Rep "CCBN were wrong to conduct their business with the National Trust behind closed doors" (Nov '97)
 "Since when has nudity on Studland ever required 'endorsement' by the National Trust" - SUN Chairman (Nov '97)
 CCBN's Rex Watson: "As far as I'm concerned, the dunes can be mined and garlanded with 12ft high rolls of razor wire." (Nov '97)
 SUN supports uniformed police - liaison meeting report (Nov '97)


~ 1998 ~

 Talks breakdown as SUN subjected to most venomous bigotry imaginable (Mar '98)
 CHAIRMAN's letter suspending involvement with National Trust (Mar '98)
 After withdrawal, where to now? (Mar '98)
 The Legal Position - 1998 solicitors advice (April '98)
 Chairman: SUN Board at their wits end (June '98)
 SUN should continue in liaison meetings say membership (June '98)
 SUN in constructive meeting with Dorset Police - Police "not interested in implementing National Trust management decisions" (June '98)
 NT latest reason for zone:
"It's easier to control criminals if the nudist area is smaller"
(June '98)
 National Trust 1998 Nudist leaflet (June '98)
 As we have remarked before,
the National Trust does not yet make the laws in this country
(Dec '98)
 SUN formed as a direct result of CCBN's failure to stand up for naturism (Dec '98)
 Craven Walker sets up CCBN backed Studland Naturists support group (Dec '98)
 National Trust Dog Warden goes barking in DIY store (Dec '98)
 Police Letter to SUN - "We will not be involved in any way" (Dec '98)