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Nudists required for film, television and university projects


Three Major Issues

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Three Major Issues
Twenty three years of harassment
Heather Walk exposed
Nudist & Police relations
SUN's proposed solutions


1. National Trust misuse legacy

2. Heather Walk - a tool for complaints

3. Police harass law abiding nudists


1. National Trust misuse legacy

National Trust reduce traditional nudist area at Studland by 90%The National Trust has misused the legacy of the Studland Peninsula land that Ralph Bankes left on his death in 1982 by cutting the naturist area to 10% of its former size.

During his lifetime, Mr Bankes was unconcerned by nudist use of the area and was known to refer fondly to nudists as his "naked apes". He would be appalled by the National Trust's persistently vindictive attitude towards the continued use of the traditional area - but clearly, he is not now in a position to object and his executors, a London firm of solicitors, have destroyed the paperwork relating to the estate and are neither able nor willing to comment. The National Trust has not only failed to conform to the spirit of Ralph Bankes's bequest, it has also failed to see the potential of a burgeoning nudist holiday industry.

The traditional nudist area has implicit natural boundaries such as the Little Sea and extensive swathes of woodland, although the latter have been largely destroyed by the National Trust on the most specious and spurious of pretexts.

People considering making bequests to the National Trust should be aware that the Trust may not necessarily conform to the intention behind their legacies.

SUN insist that the Trust reinstate the original area of land available to naturists that Ralph Bankes left in his will.


2. 'Heather Walk' - a tool to generate complaints

With no regard for Studland's status as a site of special scientific interest, in 1995 the National Trust created 'Heather Walk', a new diversionary dune path right through the centre of the traditional nudist area. This new path was promoted as suitable for visitors who wish to avoid nudists but, as the National Trust know very well, users will encounter nudists.

You will see nudists from Heather Walk  Studland United Nudists


Heather Walk Map  Studland United Nudists


Heather Walk is only yards from the restricted nudist area  Studland United Nudists

Heather Walk is only yards from restricted nudist area - you clearly see nudists

SUN believe the creation and routing of this path was a deceitful move by the National Trust to exploit members of the public into making complaints against nudists.

More disturbing, and also know by the National Trust, is that when sexual activity takes place at Studland it usually occurs in locations adjacent to Heather Walk.

Complaints generated from witnesses of sexual activity are used to perpetuate the myth that nudist = sex offender and attack the respectability of naturism in general. SUN finds this abhorrent.

SUN say:

  • Misdirecting unsuspecting visitors down a path KNOWN to expose them to crime  is totally irresponsible, causes unnecessary distress and MUST stop

  • For the benefit and safety of everyone this path should be removed

  • Clear alternate paths are possible and truthful information should be made available for any visitors wishing to avoid nudists

SUN continue to call upon NT executive management to address this issue.


3. The National Trust pay police to harass law abiding nudists

We have evidence that the National Trust pay the police and encourage them to monitor, harass and threaten with arrest nudists peacefully enjoying the traditional area bequeathed by the late Ralph Bankes.

This is an outrageous abuse of human rights and a perversion of English law since simple nudity is NOT an offence.

SUN demands that the National Trust Executive Management apologise
publicly to people who have been harassed and cease further harassment

Misuse of charitable funds
Donations made to the Trust are made in good faith and many members of the general public rightly believe their donation will be used in a way that benefits everyone. SUN believe funding a policing policy which includes the intimidation of law abiding nudists is a misuse of charitable funds.

Police pay special attention to the dunes by the National Trust posts  Studland United Nudists


Police pay special attention to the dunes by the National Trust posts  Studland United Nudists

  Police pay special attention to the dunes by the National Trust posts  Studland United Nudists  

Police at Studland  Studland United Nudists

Police frequently look for nudists who use the dunes along the edge of
the National Trust nudist zone...


and they sometimes clean the posts too!

Police who misquote law misuse their uniform
Police funded by the National Trust have often misquoted British law to nudists. SUN believe police who allow themselves to be influenced and manipulated by the National Trust are guilty of misusing their uniform when they do this.

Video capture from 'The Studland Tapes'  Studland United Nudists


Video capture from 'The Studland Tapes'  Studland United Nudists

  Video capture from 'The Studland Tapes'  Studland United Nudists  

Video capture from 'The Studland Tapes'  Studland United Nudists

Video capture from 'The Studland Tapes'
The officer confirms police are paid by the Trust who tell the police the posts have some standing in law

Police and nudist relations badly damaged
The image of police is badly damaged amongst nudists and, where gay people have been involved, trust in police work against homophobia has declined.

SUN believe the police are wrong to respond to requests for action against law abiding nudists and that attempting to keep nudists within a National Trust 'zone' is a gross waste of police resources which must be directed only to fighting crime.

SUN requests that the police apologise to those people it wrongfully harassed, in person where a name and address was taken, and in public to cover those situations where the persons were unknown.


SUN's wants to see :

 The restoration of the traditional naturist area at Studland that the Trust inherited.

Good relations between its members, the police, the Trust and all beach users.

Continued maintenance of an environmentally safe and natural environment for all.

Also in Main Issues:
Three Major Issues | Twenty three years of harassment | Heather Walk exposed | Nudist & Police relations | SUN's proposed solutions