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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1996

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Anti-Nudist attitudes at Studland Village

Members have reported very negative and anti-nudist attitudes in Studland Village.

The landlord of the Bankes Arms was happy to display a SUN poster and is in fact not in the slightest bit anti-nudist, but could not guarantee that the poster would not be vandalised or remain on show, and this in fact proved to be the case, as it disappeared shortly afterwards.

The attitude of the village shopkeeper was very negative, flatly refusing to have anything to do with it, and that of the garage owner very hostile, his attitude being "Nudists are a bloody nuisance and the sooner we get rid of them the better". 

Far be it from SUN to attempt to influence its members, but we are sure, the word 'boycott' will not be far from your minds, as there are other garages and shops on the Isle of Purbeck who are not necessarily so scathing of your recreation whilst being over-willing to take your money!







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