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SUN Campaign History - Jun 1996

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In June 1996 we announced our intention to prepare a handout giving suggested responses to harassment from National Trust wardens and the police. We wanted to consult a solicitor to determine our exact rights and the limit of the National Trust's powers and put out the call for a nudist-friendly solicitor who would be willing to advise SUN without charging an arm and a leg.

Statement of Rights - June 1996

  • Nudity is not an offence in English law.
  • Provided you are not doing anything illegal, neither the police nor the National Trust has any right to tell you either to move on or to get dressed.
  • The red posts have no force in law - there is no difference between the land on one side and the land on the other.
  • Do not give your name or address to any National Trust employee - they have no authority to demand it.
  • If the police drag you away to Swanage, tell SUN as soon as possible, if necessary by phoning the information line on 01202 581207. Make a note of names, (police) numbers, location, who said what, and names of any witnesses and send this information to the secretary.
  • Do NOT accept a police caution - it gives you a criminal record!






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