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SUN Campaign History - 26th Jul 1999

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Police caught red-handed make a mockery of their claim "not to be involved"!

Monday, July 26th, 1999, Studland Bay

The admired red posts have been fitted with protective covers to shield the National Trust's precious red paint from the adverse elements - the perpetrators of this generous and public-spirited act have modestly declined to identify themselves to this reporter, but are understood to be strong supporters of the National Trust's stewardship of the formerly unspoilt expanse of beach, dunes and heath. However, as our picture shows, Dorset Police do not approve of these aesthetically pleasing additions to the landscape and are seen to remove them all, leaving the delicate red paint once again at the mercy of the savage weather conditions frequently experienced in this part of the world.

Do police officers go around Swanage removing fly-posters from empty shop fronts?

One obvious question springs to mind: do police officers go around Swanage removing fly-posters from empty shop fronts? An in-depth study conducted among a broad cross-section of Swanage residents reveals the answer to this question to be a resounding "No!"

Why, then, are they doing the equivalent at Studland? This makes a mockery of Inspector Downer's claim to be "not involved" in the dispute between nudists and the National Trust, and also throws into doubt the veracity of her claim that she alone tells her officers where to patrol and what to do. Clearly, on this occasion, the National Trust have attached the puppet strings and jerked them and, as our exclusive picture shows, away they danced.


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