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Eyesore as more trees & bushes destroyed

I have recently followed the newly created Heather Walk through the dunes at Studland Heath and was appalled to discover that yet more trees and gorse bushes have been destroyed.

This seems to be part of a systematic process carried out by the National Trust as owners and/or English Nature as managers of the area to get rid of all the small groups of trees which provide not only shade and interest, but also a variety of habitat for plants and animals.

My impression is that during the few years since the National Trust took over the area more has been done to ruin its peace and naturalness than in all the time it was part of the Bankes Estate and this by those whose work it is to look after it.

In addition to the removal of the trees, tracks have been made through the dunes for the use of National Trust vehicles, creating noise, pollution and disturbance for animals and people alike.

The latest eyesore is appearance of dozens of red and yellow topped posts.

It is difficult to know what can be done to prevent this process from continuing as it seems that a small group of people, probably self-appointed, can do whatever they like with out the need for consultation or consent.

I suggest that those who appreciate this area should go and inspect the damage done and then, if they agree with me, boycott all National Trust enterprises. Those who are members of the National Trust can cancel their subscriptions.

G Cross, Broadstone

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