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Letters to SUN

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I found the June Update very interesting

December 1996

Dear Sun,

Thanks for sending me the new members' stuff. I have to say I found the June Update newsletter very interesting. I had expected it to be an A4 sheet with little to it, so I actually had to make time to sit down and read it!

Robin, Swanage

Thank you for the complimentary remarks, Robin, and all the other members who have made similar nice noises; as you can see, this issue is even bigger, but the next one night well be just an A4 sheet with little to it, if we don't get some more contributions from members. So please get writing, or drawing, or typing, or carving hieroglyphs, or whatever, and get your letters, articles, poems, stories, cartoons, jokes, small ads, compliments and insults to me as soon as possible.

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