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Turn the tables and carry a camera

As reported elsewhere, National Trust wardens appear to be building a "Rogues' Gallery" of people who "take an interest" in the red posts. This is provocative but why not turn the tables?

Firstly, whenever you see a warden approaching, rush to the nearest red post and demonstrate an inordinate interest in it. The bill for film and processing will soon go through the roof and, with no discernible results and what passes for management in the National Trust will rapidly query this rocketing expenditure.

Secondly, get into the habit of carrying a camera, and whenever you see one of them taking a photo, whether of yourself or someone else, take a snap of him. They don't like having their pictures taken, as was demonstrated a couple of years ago when we photographed the damage that two of their quad bikes had done to an area of heather. And if they try to take your camera off you, report them to the police for assault and attempted theft.


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