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Letters to SUN

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Support for SUN's donation to the Coast & Country fighting fund

December 1998

Barry Freeman's first offering this time came in response to our request to let us know if there were any objections to the donation to Coast & Country. Barry's sentiments have been echoed by many members since we decided that such a donation was appropriate:

Dear SUN,

I agree SUN should donate to David Martin's fighting fund, and I would hope that they would similarly support us in such times of need. If support cannot be given in cash, then I hope other beach users throughout the UK can lend their bodies when the time comes. We must be seen as a force to be reckoned with and a group to be catered for in the 21st century. We must not shrink (no pun intended) in the face of officialdom and adversity. By the by - what are CCBN doing to support Yorkshire? (Answers on a postage stamp - recognised abbreviations accepted! - Ed.) Needless to say I will be writing to BN and the East Riding council. At the end of the day money talks - if they realise just how much revenue they stand to lose, and at a time when British seaside traders and hoteliers are suffering their worst ever season, then perhaps they might think again. I have only visited Yorkshire a couple of times: it is a beautiful county, not at all the dark satanic mills I had expected.

Sadly, due to the weather, I haven't been to Studland yet this year and I am dreading seeing the devastation of the woodland that was such a pleasant feature of the long walk to the beach. I have, however, sampled two French channel beaches and had a week in Spain and Tenerife. In the former, by a strange coincidence I chose to pitch camp next to an Englishman called Pedro, from Nottingham, who was in the process of emigrating with his wife to Spain. Yes, by sheer chance I had met SUN member and former UKNA secretary Pedro Groves! What a small world it is! Pedro came to my aid when my hire car broke down and also treated me to a visit to their home-to-be in a remote and idyllic mountain village. Many thanks, Pedro, for your help and hospitality.

Barry Freeman

Pedro and Viv should have settled in by now - we are delighted to report that they have both renewed their SUN membership - until 2003! With other members (we hear!) considering emigration to Spain, perhaps there will soon be enough there for a separate chapter of SUN Group! Barry also had a number of ideas for the day of action; as reported elsewhere, this was abandoned due to the filming but we are planning a weekend of action this year and Barry's suggestions will give the Board food for thought as we finalise the plans. 

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