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Letters to SUN

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Morfa Dyffryn - a visit is well worth the effort

December 1998

Geoff lnwood wrote again from Shrewsbury, and enclosed some more photos of Morfa Dyffryn. Unfortunately we won't have enough space for them this time, but thanks to Geoff for the snaps and the donation to the funds, both very welcome. If any members have not yet visited Morfa Dyffryn, I have to say it looks to be well worth the effort - unspoilt, peaceful and very beautiful. Geoff had a comment to make about the TV programmes:

Dear SUN,

I have seen both TV programmes and thought the last one was by far the better. I think SUN Group did very well.

Geoff lnwood

Geoff tells us that his campsite at Morfa re-opens on March 3rd - I bet he's counting the days! 

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