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Morfa Dyffryn - the best nudist beach in the country (& free from interference from the National Trust)

June 1998

Dear Sun,

I was pleased to receive the December newsletter and to be updated with all the news and the progress being made with the National Trust. It was especially pleasing to note that the word 'compromise' has appeared in the proceedings and I am sure that this is due to the excellent work of the members of the Board.

I look forward to visiting Studland at an early date and meeting up with some other SUN members. Whilst writing this letter, I thought I would also tell you a bit about the best nudist beach in the country free from the attentions of the National Trust.

Morfa Dyffryn is located between Barmouth and Harlech in the north-east corner of Cardigan Bay. Unlike Studland, we do not have any problems with parking, caravans or tents as these facilities are all available next to the beach. There is also a site with a very good restaurant and pub which has static vans for hire.

The nudist beach is about 20 minutes' walk and when you arrive you are as free as a bird! We don't suffer from ships or motor cruisers but unfortunately we do get those damned jet-skis in midsummer! (A universal bane - Ed.) If you are very lucky you may see porpoises.

If I may, I would like to bring up the subject of the lone or single nudist. Although I am married, my wife is not a nudist, but she does join me on the beach. However, I had hoped to go to Fuerteventura in March on my own, so I contacted Thompson's. On your own? No chance!! Even if there are single holidays available, they will cost you 70 or more extra. If you double up there is no problem - I am sure there must be people like me who, if they could meet up, would be willing to share and have the advantage of availability and cost. Peng Travel are even worse for singles!

Oh, I nearly forgot! The sooner Rex Watson resigns from the Executive of CCBN the better. What a pathetic narrow little man!

Happy healthy sunny days to you all!

Geoff Inwood, Shrewsbury

Geoff also enclosed a donation to SUN funds, for which many thanks.

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