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SUN & CCBN on BBC2 Newsnight (Jun 1999)
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Many of you will have seen the BBC2 Newsnight broadcast on June 29th, featuring a short interview with Mark Nisbet in his role as Editor of H&E magazine. Mark held his own against Jeremy Paxman, despite being at a disadvantage inasmuch as he was sitting in an empty studio at BBC Southampton, staring at a camera lens without even a cameraman for company, and listening to the other participants over an audio link with no visual monitor.

Also present in London was CCBN's 'Razor-wire' Watson. Frantically back-pedalling on CCBN's well-known stance, he attempted to persuade us that CCBN was all for freedom, did not operate discriminatory policies against ethnic minorities, and, like himself, was not in the least homophobic.

Those of us who have been forced to listen to his bigotry during the so-called liaison meetings reached swiftly for the sick-bag. He also expressed a belief that there would be no restrictions on nudism within five years. If that turns out to be the case, it will be no thanks to him, his even more viciously bigoted crony Craven Walker, or the old governors of CCBN - it will be down to SUN and similar groups who are prepared to stand up for what we believe in and not throw ourselves on our backs with our legs in the air every time the National Trust, or any similarly oppressive authority, cracks its whip.

Having belatedly realised that we are right, they are now frantically trying to leap aboard our bandwagon.

Colin James